Roslyn Downtown Association 2019
Board Meeting Schedule 

Time: 9:00 – 10:30 AM
NWIC Bldg. Elk Rider Room- Heritage Distilling Co.

Sunday February 17th​

Sunday May 19th
Sunday August 18th​

​Monday November 3rd Board Retreat

Mission:To develop our local economy, honor our cultural heritage, and market our unique community assets.

Vision: Restore and preserve our historical community while enhancing our current business environment and attracting new sustainable economic opportunities.

RDA Documents:

​* IRS Ruling
RDA Sec of State Corp 2019 
State Business License

RDA Board Of Directors:
Cheri Marusa - President
Gail Dobberthein - Secretary
​Valerie Lunn - Treasurer

Board Members:
Justin Zipperer, Ed Hewson, Jeri Porter, John Wyble,
​Mark Kantor, Jon Scholes​

RDA Board Of Directors: The Board of Directors of the Roslyn Downtown Association (RDA) is responsible for overseeing the exercise of corporate powers and ensuring that the RDA business and affairs are managed to meet its stated goals and objectives. The Board recognizes its responsibility to engage, and provide for the continuity of, board members that possesses the character, skills and experience required to attain the RDA's goals and its responsibility to select nominees for the Board of Directors who possess appropriate qualifications and reflect a reasonable diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.

The Board shall meet at least four (4) times each fiscal year, and may hold additional meetings in person or telephonically as often as may be necessary or appropriate, in the discretion of the chairman of the Board/President. One meeting of the Board each fiscal year shall be dedicated primarily to strategic planning for the RDA. Prior to each meeting, the chairman of the Board/President of the RDA or their designee will circulate the agenda for the meeting and appropriate preparatory materials to each member of the Board. Members of the Board are expected to use all reasonable efforts to attend and participate in each meeting. The chairman of the Board/President or their designee may also request that members of management, legal counsel, or other advisors attend the meetings of the Board. Minutes of each meeting shall be prepared under the direction of the chairman of the Board/President and circulated to each member of the Board for review and approval.

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